Alpine Funnel-Web (Hadronyche marracoonda) Juveniles

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Dangerous funnel web – please read warning! But they do make excellent low-maintenance pets! 🙂

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Hadronyche is one of 3 genera of funnel-webs (Atrax,Hadronyche and the monotypic genus Illawarra) And contains the most, and least defensive species (usually). In saying this, care must still be taken as they are highly venomous and will bite if they feel threatened. This is a rare species in the hobby and is only found in the alpine regions of NSW.

Funnel-webs are great feeders and relatively easy to keep, in spite of their fearsome reputation.

Sold at roughly 35mm leg span (juvenile)

This spider can cause serious harm if bitten. By purchasing this spider you acknowledge you are over 18 and accept full responsibility for it. We do not accept any liabilities for any injuries that may come from this spider.


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