Beach Boi Kit – Mini Bug Box Custom Acrylic Enclosure

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This kit is perfect for any spider or other invertebrate that lives near or on the beach.  It is recommended that you use this kit horizontal (not tall) as it gives the spider the ability to use the space the best.  Generally beach bois are found lower to the ground (sand) as coastal areas are often windy and there are not very tall plants around.

The kit consists of:

  • Mini Bug Box with Half Door Custom Acrylic Enclosure (12cm x 12cm x 20cm)
  • Fine white sand (around 500g)
  • Shell-o-bowl with scoria (water bowl)
  • Fake plants
  • Bark hide

*picture of kit may not reflect actual contents

Setup of the Beach Boi Kit (The cube acrylic enclosure)

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5 reviews for Beach Boi Kit – Mini Bug Box Custom Acrylic Enclosure

  1. Maddi (verified owner)

    Sturdy enclosure and everything in it to make a very nice looking place for the spider to live. Plenty of space and hiding spots. Also plenty of ventilation.

  2. Nicole Hayes (verified owner)

  3. Ash (verified owner)

    Happy with it. Came with everything and seems to be good quality. Haven’t used it yet as the spider isn’t big enough to move in.

  4. Janis Littleton (verified owner)

    Dante loves his new home.

  5. Anonymous (verified owner)

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