False Bottom Kit with Komodo Nano Habitat (21 x 21 x 30cm)

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Your Red Desert Scorpion (Urodacus yaschenkoi) needs this!

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Why a false bottom? This kit is specially for our Red Desert Scorpion – Urodacus yaschenkoi.  We have seen pet shop selling these beautiful scorpions without giving nor advocating their proper care.  They need to burrow in Red Desert Sand – at least 25cm deep with a false bottom.  These scorpions will not survive unless they are kept properly.  This is the only setup we recommend.

Kit consists of:

  • Komodo Nano Habitat (21x21x30cm)
  • Square Mesh
  • Cocopeat
  • Scoria Rocks
  • PVC pipe

You will need approximately 10kg of Red Desert Sand (does not come included)


Setup instructions:

  • Place the rocks in the bottom of the Nano Habitat.
  • Spread the cocopeat evenly on top
  • Push the PVC pipe into the corner (standing up) – make sure it touches the bottom with the side that has the triangle cut out
  • Place the mesh over the top of the cocopeat (there is a square cutout to allow for the PVC pipe to stick out of)
  • You are now ready to add the Red Desert Sand – fill the Nano to at least 25cm with sand
  • Pour some water into the PVC pipe until the bottom layer of scoria rocks are covered in water.

The water will slowly migrate upwards through the sand leaving some of the top off the sand still dry.  This is exactly what you want.

Wait for 10 minutes. Now, go ahead and poke a starter burrow for your scorpion – make sure it reaches the wet sand. Go ahead and add your scorpion.  He will build his burrow over night and you’ll be able to feed him is first cricket once the burrow is built.

The sand should only be wet while the scorpion is building its burrow. Once established, the sand should be dry. You will need to top up the water once a month just to make sure the scorpion has a source of water. (This will only be about half the amount of water needed originally)

If you have any questions please send us an email or give as a call.

Watch how to set it up here:

2 reviews for False Bottom Kit with Komodo Nano Habitat (21 x 21 x 30cm)

  1. Chloe Johnson (verified owner)

    High quality

  2. Chris Hall (verified owner)

    The Komodo false bottom enclosure is a great set up I did take me a little bit to set it up but is a Great closure for any large insects or arachnids

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