False Bottom Enclosure/Terrarium

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False Bottom Kit – Everything you need for your burrowing insect/scorpion

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This kit is perfect for burrowing scorpions or other bugs that need a false bottom terrarium.

This Bug Frenzy clear-view terrarium comes with a False Bottom Kit – which consists of:

  1. Pebbles for the bottom
  2. False bottom Mesh
  3. Peat to go on top of the mesh
  4. Desert Sand for substrate (good for burrowing as it has a good clay content)
  5. PVC Pipe with lid for topping up the water in the bottom

About the Enclosure:
These clear stackable, lightweight enclosures are perfect for your scorpion, spider or other bugs.  The lid is black and removable, also reversible.  The size is 214mm length, 105 width and 113mm height.


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Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 30 × 22 × 23 cm

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