Ghost trapdoor wolf spider (Hoggicosa sp1)

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Ghostly Wolf Spiders from the desert



Hoggicosa is a medium sized genus of medium to very large wolf spiders found in arid and semi arid areas, usually in a lidded burrow. These spiders vary in colour, with some very stunning coloured species such as H. bicolor, H. forresti. H.storri and H. natashae. This particular species is a ghostly grey-white colour and grows to 30mm in body length, making it one of the largest wolf spiders in Australia, and resides in a crammed, lidded burrow in very soft, white sandy soils in the SA mallee.

Juveniles are a darker colour, with mottled patterns, turning into the ghostly colour as they get older.

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25mm Mature female, 8mm juvenile, 20mm sub adult, 18mm juvenile


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