Giant bark jumping spider (Servaea incana) captive-bred juveniles

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Stripy legs, well camouflaged, active and inquisitive!

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This species of jumping spider is found under the bark of eucalyptus trees in southern Australia. They grow to 13mm in body length and build silken retreats underneath bark.  They are very active and inquisitive, and hardy in captivity. Despite their intimidating size, these are a timid species and can be handled safely if respect is given, like handling all spiders. Females and males are basically identical with males being slightly shaggier and more grey in colouration.



3 reviews for Giant bark jumping spider (Servaea incana) captive-bred juveniles

  1. Michalina (verified owner)

    Very sweet little spider. Arrived safe and sound in their little cup and immediately went for a fruit fly.

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  2. kristie g. (verified owner)

    He is so fast!! But he is really active and cute!

  3. maddison.hardie (verified owner)

    Great packaging. My little one is very active and quick. Seems really chill with hands already and hasn’t refused food. 10/10 would recommend.

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