Green-Tailed Peacock Spider (Maratus pavonis, Perth WA form) Captive bred Juvenile

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Captive Bred Juveniles

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Maratus pavonis is found in NSW, VIC and certain parts of WA and SA. Those from the east coast have a blue and red abdomen, while those from WA have a green and red abdomen. They are medium-large peacock spiders, growing to 4mm in length.

Housing and Care:

We suggest “Horizontal Kit – Mini Bug Box Acrylic Enclosure

These are little sub-adult males (which means they will get their vibrant colours with the next molt).  They will need tiny baby crickets – feed them 3 crickets every 3-5 days.  Remember to mist the enclosure at least 2 times a week or make sure your scoria water bowl is filled with water at all times if you bought the mini bug box jumper kit.


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