Coastal Ivory Wolf Spider (Undescribed sp)

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Beach wolves are awesome!

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These are medium-sized wolf spiders (19-24mm body length) found on beaches and sand dunes in SA, TAS and VIC. During they day they construct a silk sac just underneath the sand, this creates a pocket of air and space for them to chill in during the day (they will often do this against the side of the enclosure. This makes them easy to see and ideal for observation). At night they emerge to hunt smaller invertebrates like cockroaches, beetles and other spiders.

These are awesome classroom pets, as they have mild venom and are timid. They have an awesome feeding response (They will pounce on crickets at high speed, often with such force they roll over on their backs, stunned by their own attack for a few seconds) and have superb camouflage against sand. They are especially great for science classrooms to learn about hunting strategies, camouflage, and how spiders survive the day on the hot, dry sand dunes. They are also very easy to care for and females can live to about 3 years, which is longer than Spiny Leaf Insects!

Housing: We recommend the Mini Bug Box with Beach Boi kit used horizontally.

(A larger enclosure (at least 15x15x15cm)  is recommended with beach sand and fake plants)

Try to keep the sand dry at all time and only mist the side of the enclosure.

Sold as unsexed juveniles

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3 reviews for Coastal Ivory Wolf Spider (Undescribed sp)

  1. Jessica Devenport (verified owner)

  2. Bryar (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy and full of life! Eats great and is full of energy.

    Image #1 from Bryar
    Image #2 from Bryar
  3. Chloe (verified owner)

    Such a pretty spider

    Image #1 from Chloe

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