Lion peacock spider female (maratus leo)

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Adorable little lion peacock female spiders with optional kit!

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Maratus leo is a medium-large sized species of peacock spider found in SA, usually in coastal areas. The females are super round and extremely shiny!
They are ready jumpers and care must be taken to not let them jump out of the enclosure. They are mildly venomous but with tiny fangs and are very timid (and cute).

Optional Kit includes:

  • Our brand new “Jumperarium 2.0”
  • substrate,
  • Two fake plants
  • mini log,
  • moss
  • tiny rocks
  • 10 feeder crickets

– all tiny enough to fit!  (They love to sit on rocks)

Please note: All jumping spiders are not as suited to keeping in captivity than other species.  Jumping spiders can live 1-2 years in captivity, however males often perish more easily.  All jumping spiders are sold as adults and thus we cannot establish their true age.

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