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Tiny creatures live here…

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These cute little clear containers are perfect for all manner of smaller invertebrates, from tarantula slings, cockroaches, jumping spiders  to baby Mantises.

Please note, if ordering these for tarantula slings, we will not add holes as they do not benefit the tarantula and allow the enclosure to dry out which can kill the sling.

Optional Kit for tarantula slings:

  • Tarantula-Perfect Substrate
  • 4 Tiny Faux Plants

Optional kit for other spiders/invertebrates :

  • coco-peat substrate
  • 1 x faux plant
  • ventilation holes

Optional kit for burrowing spiders:

  • clay based substrate
  • ventilation holes

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20 reviews for Mini Clear View Enclosure

  1. Jonty Norris (verified owner)

    I’ve got quite a few of these little enclosures at this point and I’m happy with every single one I’ve received. They’re big enough to allow my tarantula slings to explore and the way the bottom is designed seems to encourage my burrowers to run their tunnels around the edge instead of disappearing into the middle. Visibility is great too, if you like to really see what your little spider is up to these are a good investment.

  2. Ian s. (verified owner)

    Very happy,

  3. Anonymous (verified owner)

    very happy with it thus far

  4. Ashley F. (verified owner)

    Accurate description and works well for what I needed it for.

  5. Joel Ocallaghan (verified owner)


  6. Anand V. (verified owner)

    Great value and a really nice size for a tarantula sling or advanced sling. I’m glad i ordered the kit with the fake plants. They look great in the enclosure!

  7. Alex Tsoi (verified owner)

  8. lynne Thew (verified owner)

    Always quality products.

  9. Skye (verified owner)

    Amazing quality as always

  10. Jessica Devenport (verified owner)

  11. Jennifer (verified owner)

  12. Keryn Rauner (verified owner)

    Great little enclosure – little bit small and will order the next size up when I’m stock

  13. Eden Clay (verified owner)

    An amazing size for a really small jumper. My pebble mimicking spider has heaps of room!

  14. Jessica Devenport (verified owner)

  15. Rachael (verified owner)

    Good little enclosures with all the extras you need. Will buy again.

  16. Karen L. (verified owner)

    perfect size for a back up or emergency enclosure, very well-made and secure

  17. kristy hawkins (verified owner)

    Great little enclosure purchased for my juvenile jotus sp. A good size with lots of roaming space and room to add enrichment pieces without him getting lost. It was easy to add extra mesh in the top to prevent escape through air holes if you also have an extra small spiders . Very good quality enclosure.

  18. Michalina (verified owner)

    It’s a good simple cup to keep your small bugs in temporarily. I use it when I have to clean up the bigger terrariums. But keep in mind that screw lid may not be suitable for insects who like to stay on top. (Mantis, jumping spider, etc)

  19. Cassie G. (verified owner)

    Perfect enclosure! I thought it was going to be too small or a temporary home as the size is fairly small but it’s actually the perfect size! I have enough room to deck it out for her & it’s honestly all the room she needs! She’s made a silk home inside & seems to really like her little set up. I will be buying a bulk load of these size enclosures for all my others!

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  20. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Great little enclosure for smaller spiders.

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