Mouse Spider (Missulena sp.)

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Mouse spiders are probably one of the most well-known and feared spiders in Australia, this is due to their medically significant venom. In reality, there is not much to be afraid of, especially in females. Females are extremely slow, clumsy, derpy and honestly it’s hilarious watching them try and be angry at you, they cannot even climb out of a dinner plate. Most Missulena females look the same, black head and legs with a dark brown abdomen but a few species from WA have slightly red chelicerae too. Males vary a lot in apperance, the Eastern Mouse Spider (Missulena bradleyi) males have a blue patch on the abdomen, Red-Headed and Lesser Red-headed mouse spiders have a blue abdomen and red cephalothorax, these 2 are the most commonly encountered. Some males however lack colouration, being completely black. Males and females are readily defensive but males in our opinion are genuinely something to be careful around as they are leggier and less clumsy. In 90% of cases Mouse Spiders do not actually inject venom when biting, doing what’s called a “dry bite”. They construct extremely well camouflaged burrows with lids in hard, compacted clay substrates which is why they’re so rare in the hobby despite being common in the wild.

This spider can cause serious harm if bitten. By purchasing this spider you acknowledge you are over 18 and accept full responsibility for it. We do not accept any liabilities for any injuries that may come from this spider.

*Sold as unsexed juveniles or females*

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