Spotted Tree-Funnelweb (Bymainella terrareginae)

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This species of Hexathelid slender funnel-web/Tree-funnelweb is found around Brisbane and Northern NSW, where they inhabit hollow logs or tree holes. They build a characteristic  funnel into the log/tree hole with a sheet web outside to catch prey, the funnel leads into a thick silken retreat. They have mildl venom (unlike true funnelwebs) but can be quite fast, although lacking the ability to climb smooth surfaces. They grow to 15mm in body length. The best thing about these little spiders are their eating antics! They are hardy and easy to care for Spotted Tree_funnel

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2 reviews for Spotted Tree-Funnelweb (Bymainella terrareginae)

  1. Chris Hall (verified owner)

    The Spotted Tree-Funnelweb is very pretty and defensive for such a little spider

  2. kellie newell (verified owner)

    So happy with the Spotted Tree Funnel Web. Very healthy and alert. Fantastic service as usual. I highly recommend Bug Frenzy!

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