Wood Scorpion Kit

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Starter Kit consisting of 1 Mallee Wood Scorpion (Unsexed), 1 x Enclosure, Substrate and Accessories – Including a UV light!

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Wood Scorpion, enclosure and substrate!

Package includes:

  • 1 x Wood Scorpion (Cercophonius squama)  (unsexed/sub-adult/adult)
  • One Bug Frenzy Clear-view Enclosure with lid.
    (These clear stackable, lightweight enclosures are perfect for your scorpion or spider)
  • Substrate – coco-peat & desert sand mix, and sphagnum moss
  • Leaf Litter
  • Bark Hide
  • Tweezers for feeding and handling the scorpions
  • Misting bottle to keep enclosure moist
  • Starter feeder pack of 10 x-small crickets/roaches
  • Keyring UV Flashlight (to help you detect the scorpion at night)
  • Free downloadable Care Guide
  • Wood Scorpion Beginners Kit Instructions

 About the scorpions :

Suitable for beginner and intermediate keepers. Also, makes an excellent classroom pet as long as children are supervised with them.
Wood Scorpions are mildly venomous and can be quite feisty!  We found them to be good eaters and very entertaining to watch.
Feeds on small invertebrates once a week. Adult length (including tail) from 30-35mm.
Usually prefers to live alone unless paired as male/female and close eye is kept on them for hostility.

  • Small-Medium sized nocturnally active scorpions.
  • Very hardy and easy to keep.
  • Mildly venomous
  • Very defensive and fast!

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