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Jumping Spiders

From tiny little peacock spiders to giant jumpers – we have them all.

Orders are now prepared for shipment on 8 July 2024

At Bug Frenzy our orders are shipped on Mondays (and occasionally on Tuesdays).  You should receive a Australia Post notification with your tracking number on Sunday night.  When you order our bugs, we ship them via Express Post and delivery is no longer guaranteed overnight by Australia Post, but it should take, on average, 1-3 days to reach you.

NB:If you have not received any tracking updates since lodgement by Wednesday please lodge an enquiry with Aus Post to ensure your package gets to you before the weekend!

We no longer ship to Parcel Lockers. Also, if you do not pick up your package from the Post Office within 24 hours, your 7 day guarantee is void.  It is your responsibility to obtain a tracking number from Aus Post, or contact us on a Tuesday if you did not receive your tracking.

Next shipment date is 15 July 2024. Get your order in before the deadline below:











Please be aware that the Pantropical Tuxedo jumpers are reserved for the first 24 hours exclusively for our WA customers as its the only jumper they are allowed to import into WA.  After 24 hours if no one has purchased it (approximately at 4pm Fridays) – we will release it to the rest of the states.  Thanks for understanding. 

Jumping Spider Care

Taking care of your jumper

Jumping spiders are not hard to take care of, but you do have to check on your spider daily to see that his needs are met.  Generally jumping spiders need a bit of space, even though they are tiny and also need a variety of objects to explore in its enclosure such as tiny logs, faux plants etc.  They love to jump and explore their surroundings and therefore, keeping a jumping spider can be very rewarding if you interact with it outside of its enclosure and let it get some exercise.

Your jumping spider will learn to trust you and get to know you over time.  Leaving a couple of bite sized crickets in its enclosure, misting it once a week lightly and providing enough hiding places should cover it’s needs.

If you are uncertain about taking care of your jumping spider please send us an email!  

Download the General Jumping Spider Care Guide Here

General information

  • Jumping spiders do not live very long – most species only live up to 3 years
  • Peacock spider males in particular have very short life spans (some only 3 – 4 months).
  • Females live longer than males
  • Jumping spiders are very sensitive to climatic changes as well as moisture/dryness levels.
  • Jumping spiders prefer to eat flying insects such as fruit flies, flies, hover flies etc, but will eat crickets (appropriate size).
  • Jumping spiders are some of the few species that can be handled safely as long as it is less than 20 minutes per day (no to stress them).
  • Please take note of the age of your jumping spider when purchasing – adult jumping spiders (especially males) may only live a couple of months. Therefore, we do not guarantee our jumping spiders for more than 7 days after shipping.
  • Unless otherwise stated, our jumping spiders are ethically and sustainably wild caught. Read about our ethics here.
  • We currently have a breeding program in place – check out our breeding room for more information.

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