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Bug Frenzy is a family business based in South Australia.  All our invertebrates are either captive bred, or sustainably and ethically sourced. We love bugs and want to  encourage that love in others, to educate and ensure that these wonderful creatures will be here for generations to come.  We stock a range of insects – from Scorpions to Stick Insects, Pet Spiders and Roaches and everything inbetween!

Photo Credit Egor Kamelev - Asutralian Insect Invertebrate

We have Australia’s largest selection of invertebrates!

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From scorpions to spiders, live crickets and other insects from Australia – we have the bugs that you want.

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 Why keep insects as pets?

“Why would anyone keep insects or even pet spiders?” you might ask. Personally I love the beautiful, strange shape of insects, their colours, diversity, unusual behaviour and interesting life cycle. And luckily, many other people all over the world discover the fun in keeping insects as pets!

Invertebrates such as praying mantids and stick insects are fascinating and quite practical pets. They come in beautiful shapes and colours. It is fascinating to see the animals hunt, grow, molt, lay eggs and see their methods of camouflage and defenses.

An additional practical advantage, is their modest requirements for housing, care and food. Compared to common pets like cats, dogs, rodents and birds they require less time and space. They are also harmless, allergy-free and their food is less expensive than the food of most commons pets. All this makes them an increasingly popular group of animals to keep as pets, for young and old people alike!


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Here we showcase the latest bugs that we are breeding and hoping to add to the shop soon


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“Just received my new wolf spiders in the mail from Bug Frenzy! Super impressed with the service and communication. I got a tracking number to follow my parcel and everything arrived very well packaged and labelled. Each spider also had a date when last fed attached. I’d definitely recommend these guys.

David Bailey

QLD, Facebook Review

“Thank you Bug Frenzy for my two beautiful Marbled Scorpions.
I am so happy with the Scorpion beginner’s kit. It came with everything needed to give these lovely little scorpions a happy home. The kit also came with comprehensive fact sheets which are so important when you decide to adopt this species of scorpion for the first time.
Friendly, helpful fast service
Highly recommended 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟”

Margaret Huntley

QLD, Facebook Review