Australian Rainforest Tarantula (Phlogius sp. Pseudocrassipes) Advanced slings

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Phlogius is an unofficial genus of tarantulas that is currently called ‘Selenocosmia’. This genus is known for it’s fast growth rate and awesome webbing.

These are slings with a body length of  roughly 1.5cm (not including legs)

This species is from Queensland, In the central-northern part. The adults of this species are dark brown and quite similar to P. crassipes, but differ slightly and are somewhat smaller (hence pseudo crassipes)

Tarantula slings should be fed crickets. Here at Bug frenzy we care about our bugs (even the feeders) and as such we don’t recommend “partially crushing the crickets heads” (As recommended by some keepers) as this is very painful for the cricket and quite frankly, cruel. They can be fed live crickets if they are smaller than the spider and the spider has constructed a burrow/web-retreat.

WARNING : Tarantulas have tarsal claws and scopula pads and can climb plastic and glass, be careful.


Optional Kit Includes:

  • Mini Clear View! 8cm x 8cm x 8cm clear acrylic
  • Substrate
  • Fake plants

QLD Residents:
Please note, from 22 August 2020, you will need a licence to buy, keep, and sell protected scorpions (Urodacus sp)  or spiders (tarantulas), with some limited exceptions.  You can read more here about licence requirements:

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2 reviews for Australian Rainforest Tarantula (Phlogius sp. Pseudocrassipes) Advanced slings

  1. Chris Hall (verified owner)

    Beautiful looking little spider that I hope will turn into a very big spider

  2. Amber D. (verified owner)

    So happy 👌👌 my phlogius arrived in perfect health and is doing great.
    I highly recommend Bug Frenzy to anyone.
    Thank you so much guys. ❤

    Image #1 from Amber D.

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