Terms Of Service

By ordering with us, you acknowledge that you over the age of 18 and agree to our terms of service. We cannot be held liable for any injury or condition resulting from a purchased invertebrate. It is your responsibility to understand your state laws. By ordering from us, you assume all responsibility for possessing, owning, caring and receiving your purchased invertebrates.

All sales are final and payment is required immediately, no refunds will be given if you change your mind after payment. Payment is accepted via PayPal.  Please be sure your address is correct as we will take no responsibility for packages going to the wrong address.

If you happen to receive a dead Invertebrate, we require notice within 2 hours of delivery or pick up. You must provide a photo of the dead Invertebrate. Refunds will not include shipping cost and associated Paypal Fees.  We do not offer replacements. There will be no replacements or refunds on freebies.

When purchasing  our live products, you acknowledge that your invertebrate can die – sometimes for no reason at all.  For this reason, we only provide you with a 7 day guarantee to cover any deaths that may occur due to shipping conditions that is beyond your (and our) control.  We do not guarantee our invertebrates for more than 7 days after shipping.  If your purchased invertebrate is showing signs of ill health after the 7 days, please contact us as soon as you can to receive advice how to take care of it to minimise the risk of death to your invertebrate.  We do not accept responsibility for your invertebrate after 7 days as it is in your care and you are responsible to provide for it’s needs.

online Bug Frenzy tries to publish descriptions of products as accurately as possible but human errors do happen.  We reserve the right to change the product descriptions at any time to more accurately reflect the information of the product.  We do not offer refunds for description mistakes such as estimated sizes. We also reserve the right to cancel orders for any reason and to refuse service for any reason. 


Due to COVID-19, Australia Post has advised that there are significant delays on services and that overnight delivery cannot be guaranteed.  For this reason we only post live insects on Mondays to ensure safe and quick delivery.  All other items can be shipped the next day – but if it is part of an order that contains live insects, it will also only be shipped on a Monday.

In the event that your order gets lost in the mail, or damaged, we ask that you lodge a claim directly with Australia Post for a refund.  Remember to take photos of the damage when lodging your claim. Please inform us of the damage/death and then take the package to your nearest post office for them to assess. We take out insurance on your behalf with Australia Post when your order exceeds $100.

Our packaging is eco-friendly.  Our boxes and paper can be disposed of in you recycling bin and our packaging beans are bio-degradable.  You may add them to your compost bin.  If you have any more questions, please email us at info@bugfrenzy.com.au

* If you choose to be a rude bug-ger we may refuse you entry into our online store next time.

WA Shipping

If you want to import our live invertebrates into WA you will require an import permit.  You can find more information here: https://www.agric.wa.gov.au/importing-animals/importing-pets-western-australia-including-cats-dog-reptiles-frogs-insects 

Scroll down to the “Spiders and Insects section” and check via their link if the species you are interested is on the pre-approved list.  If it is, you are in luck and all you need to do is to check with us if the species you want is in stock, then go ahead and fill in the Import Permit and send it off to the WA Department of Agriculture and Food together with your $30 fee.  Email us for a copy of the Import Application.

Other States

We can organise shipping to your state, just send us an email and let’s see if we can help you!