Lion peacock spider male (maratus leo)

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Adorable little lion peacock spiders with optional kit!

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Maratus leo is a medium-large sized species of peacock spider found in SA, usually in coastal areas.They are ready jumpers and care must be taken to not let them jump out of the enclosure. They are mildly venomous but with tiny fangs and are very timid (and cute).

  • sold as adult males so you can stare at them the whole day and marvel at their cuteness!
  • These cuties are currently eating pinheads


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2 reviews for Lion peacock spider male (maratus leo)

  1. xjoltz1996 (verified owner)

    I ordered a spider and a starting kit. I received my Lion Peacock Jumping Spider and kit a week ago. The shipping and packaging process was immaculate. I did expect some extra information within the box to let me know when my spider last ate but one quick email to Bug Frenzy and I had an answer.

    I did have to modify the terrarium slightly as my jumper really wanted to make a hammock on the seal. I hope that in the future Bug Frenzy will have a terrarium available that opens from the middle so that the spider and their hammocks are less disturbed. I really love the little knick-knacks they sell for the terrarium they currently have on offer. My spider really loves them too. Looking forward to ordering again from Bug Frenzy.

    • admin (store manager)

      We are so happy to hear that you have had a good experience. We have been working on a new line of products that will solve the hammock and the seal problem. We should be launching this soon!

  2. molly.freebody (verified owner)

    My little guy arrived today. He arrived so quickly and was well hydrated and was very lively! Ate a cricket after being in his new enclosure for a while. He’s extremely cheeky, loves hiding in the seals of the enclosure. He really loves the log provided for him, provides a good place to hide. We love him already!

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