Bat Peacock jumping spider (Maratus vespertillio) Male

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Adorable little peacock spiders – male

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Maratus vespertillio is an average-sized species of peacock spider found in SA’s northern mallee. Females are 6-7mm and males 4-6mm.  Vespertillio males have 2 hidden flaps along the abdomen that extend during court ship to reveal a shimmering blue with faint patterns.

The females are more robust and have different colouration. They are ready jumpers and care must be taken to not let them jump out of the enclosure. They are mildly venomous but with tiny fangs and are very timid (and cute).

  • sold as adult males

Enclosure: We recommend The Mini Bug Box with Side Door (sideways) or The Cube with “Jumper” kit selected.

Please note:  Jumping spiders can live 1-2 years in captivity, however males often perish more easily.  All jumping spiders are sold as adults and thus we cannot establish their true age.

1 review for Bat Peacock jumping spider (Maratus vespertillio) Male

  1. Jordan Smith (verified owner)

    Very cute and active little fella! Ferocious eater. Definitely one of my favourite jumpers

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