Groom Jumping spider (Opisthoncus sp.1) Male

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A jumping spider that is brick red, cream and has cool massive chelicerae!

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Opisthoncus is a genus of jumping spiders found across Australia, and commonly found on plants. This species is found in and around Adelaide and grows to 9mm in body length. Most Opisthoncus have a distinctive head pattern with varied patterns on the back.

Male opisthoncus are more colourful than females and have long chelicerae (fangs).

We suggest getting the cube or mini bug box with side door and “jumper” kit selected.

Please note: All jumping spiders are not as suited to keeping in captivity than other species.  Some jumping spiders can live 1-2 years in captivity, however males often perish more easily.  All jumping spiders are sold as adults and thus we cannot establish their true age.


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