Five-spined Stick Mantis (Archimantis quinquelobata) nymphs

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This species of Grass/Stick mantis (genus Achimantis) is found throughout inland, arid Australia. This species has 5, large black spines/tubercles on the coxae of leg pair I, hence the name. This is a large, slender species. Adults grow to about 9-10cm in length. They have a short white stripe on the top surface of the abdomen and generally have a pearly, mid-grey body with some darker areas. This species has never been offered in the hobby before and as far as we know we are the only ones who keep and breed these large, hardy mantids. They will require a very well ventilated enclosure, we suggest something with a metal screen lid or a pop-up mesh enclosure. Mist daily with a spray bottle and feed once every 2 days or so, but once a day is okay for younger individuals.

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