Kuranda Speckled Katydid (Diastella kuranda)

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This species of Leaf/Bush katydid (subfamily Phaneropterinae) is found around Cairns, FNQ.  Like all  Phaneropterines, they are herbivorous and this particular species feeds on Eucalyptus, making them great companions for stick insects. Adults have long wings and can be green or pink/purple, with the former being more common. These katydids are rather friendly and can be handled easily.

Females lay eggs in rows on leaf surfaces or dead sticks, these hatch into small but hardy babies that feed on soft young eucalyptus leaves and reach maturity in 2-7 months depending on temperature. Adults hold their wings slightly up when resting and can fly, although weakly. This species grows to 7cm including wings when adult. These katydids will also feed on things like rolled oats and pollen/nectar at times, they enjoy eucalyptus flowers too.

We have attached pictures of 3 different individuals to show the difference in colour.


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1 review for Kuranda Speckled Katydid (Diastella kuranda)

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    Our new little friend arrived safely and securely packaged and is settling in well. Will definitely purchase from Bug Frenzy again.

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