Giant Rainforest Mantid (Hierodula majuscula) L4/L5 nymphs

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Hierodula majuscula is a very large, very robust species of mantid found in FNQ’s rainforest.

They have a stunning red on the underside of the raptorial forelegs which they use to startle predators. They also have a mauve on the underside of the thorax, combine this with the orange in between the abdominal segments and the overall bright green colour of the mantid, and you get an amazingly beautiful animal!

These mantids can do a “startle display” where they spread the wings, put the raptorial front legs next to the head, showing the bright red underneath, and sway back and forth. They can be fairly defensive at times and may grab at fingers but probably won’t bite or do any serious damage to you. The mouth parts are blue and purple, making it appear that the mantid has lipstick on!

These mantids need fairly high humidity which can be achieved by having moist coco peat and sphagnum moss as substrate. Provide fake plants and or plenty of sticks to climb on. Live tree branches can be used but make sure there are no other animals on them and they come from a pesticide free environment. Feed them “small” size crickets 2-3 times a week.

Sold as unsexed juveniles (4th-5th instar) about 17 – 26mm in length.


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