Slender Bush Katydid (Polichne parvicauda)


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These are small katydids, around 5-6cm in length including wings. They are found all over Australia in grassy habitats making them one of, if not the most widespread Australian species. These katydids can feed on grass and grass seeds/flowers aswell as pollen and katydid food but we find it much easier to feed them Eucalyptus leaves, and they can live with stick insects as neither insect bothers eachother. They are very fond of eucalyptus flowers and this is often the first part of the plant they consume. Small eggs are laid on plant stems individually by the female and after a few months will hatch. Hatchling katydids are quite hardy but slow growing, taking months to mature. These Katydids have 2 forms: Green and Brown. Interestingly, green forms are more common in dry, brown, long grass and brown forms more common in eucalyptus trees.

Females are slightly larger than males and can be sexed visually, on females there is a short, falcate ovopisitor (Egg-laying tube) at the end of the abdomen, males lack this.

These katydids can jump as well as fly short distances (<5m) quite well, so handle/change leaves only in an enclosed room. These katydids can be handled and generally do not bite unless held against skin forcefully, they are not venomous and bites only cause minor pain.

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