Bush Katydid (Caedicia simplex) male


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These katydids are members of the subfamily Phaneropterinae, the Leaf/bush katydids. All katydids in this particular subfamily are herbivores, this species in particular feeds upon a amazingly broad range of plants, more on this below. These katydids are common in gardens across Australia, Adults mature in summer and die in the winter, the eggs survive the winter and hatch in spring. The calls of the males are familiar to almost every Australian, but the katydids themselves are not often seen. The call is a loud, simple lisp and carries for many meters. These katydids can be handled but may jump away without warning.

A small sample of food plants below:

Syzgium sp., Lili pilly

Eucalyptus, gum

Acacia, wattle



Leptospermum, native tea-tree

Rosa, Rose

Mallus, Apple

Prunus, Peach and plum

Citrus, Lemons, limes and oranges

Pinus, Pine.

Ensure the food plants aren’t sprayed with pesticides.

These katydids LOVE flowers! (To eat…)

Optional kit includes:

  • A Pop-up mesh enclosure (30×30
  • A spray bottle.

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