Large Brown mantis/Grass mantis (Archimantis latistyla) L3-L5 nymphs

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*Sold as third – fifth instar captive bred nymphs (juvies)*

These are large (up to 100mm in length) mantids found on the east coast of Australia, often on dead plants, large trees or grass.

Instars are a method of measuring an invertebrates growth and age. for example a 2nd install mantis is one that has moulted once since emerging from the egg. for most mantids, they undergo 6 moults, so a 5th instar animal is a pre-sub adult. For this species a 3rd instar will be around 25mm in length, while a 5th instar is about 6-8cm.

These mantids should be fed on crickets. Enclosures for these mantids are easy to make, just ensure there is a lot of ventilation, a hole cut out in the lid of a plastic container with mesh hot glued there will provide adequate ventilation. provide a fake plant or a diagonally placed stick for climbing and moulting. Alternatively our mesh enclosures are perfect. These mantids should reach maturity before October 2021.

Due to their age these mantids are timid, however they are intelligent and will get used to handling if handled regularly. Mantids can benefit form tweezer-feeding. simply hold the cricket by the end of the abdomen or legs with metal forceps (Not bathroom tweezers!) and hold out 1-2cm away from the mantid, if hungry and the prey is wiggling it should grab it, once the mantis has got it, release the prey and slowly move the forceps away.

Our nymphs are currently feeding on fruit flies and baby crickets.

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1 review for Large Brown mantis/Grass mantis (Archimantis latistyla) L3-L5 nymphs

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    Little fella came super healthy and ready, packing was exceptional and communication was top tier! Thankyou 🙂

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