Stick-Insect Companion Pack


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This pack consists of 2 individually selected species of Katydid and Grasshopper perfect as companions for your stick insect or just to add colour and variety to your stick insect enclosure! All species are capable of feeding on Gum leaves (Eucalyptus).


Pack includes:

  • 1 adult female Giant Gum-Leaf Grasshopper (Goniaea australasiae)
  • 1 Brown form Slender Bush Katydid (Polichne parvicauda)
  • 1 Green form Slender Bush Katydid (Polichne parvicauda)


*Note that Giant Gum-leaf Grasshoppers can jump large distances (1-2m max) and have very powerful hind legs, and Polichne katydids can flutter short distances.



Common issues with Gum-leaf grasshoppers:

These grasshoppers lay eggs incased in a foamy mass, usually in soil. in captivity, if not provided with 3-4cm of substrate (slightly moist coco peat is ideal) they may have no where to lay eggs and instead just spray foam out of their abdomens (with eggs inside) all over the enclosure, the eggs will dry out and die. simply put slightly compacted substrate in the bottom of the enclosure to prevent this.

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