Purple-Winged Mantis (Tenodera australasiae) Adult females

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This is a slender mantis, commonly found in deep grass, generally in drier areas. Tenodera australasiae grows to 9cm in length as adults and both adult females and males can fly. Nymphs and adult females of this species are calm and easily handled, along with being hardy and fast-growing which makes them an excellent beginner mantis. Males can be jumpy and will often fly away a few metres. However it’s more of a slow flutter and they are easy to follow and retrieve. Adult females can be fed via tweezers but may require a few weeks of conditioning and the same goes for handling. These are both Diurnal (active in the day) and Nocturnal (active at night) and are generally easier to find at night. When severely stressed these mantids will assume a threat posture, raising the forelimbs to look bigger and flaring their mottled purple wings which are also visible in flight.

Mantids are easy to house, pop-up mesh enclosures or jars work well. If using jars simply ly provide some fake plants for climbing and put a piece of mesh covering the lid, secure it with an elastic band.

Mantids require  feeding at least once a week, generally every 2-3 days is best.

Optional kit includes:

  • Pop-Up mesh enclosure (30×30)
  • Spray bottle

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