Green Garden Mantis (Orthodera ministralis)

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A tame mantid perfect for beginners!

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This is a common species of mantis in gardens and bushland throughout most of Australia. They are distinguished by the green colour, pink, white or yellow margins on the wings and wide thorax. They have blue spots on the inner side of the raptorial front legs.

This species is hardy and easy to keep as well as being calm. Both sexes can fly but females do not tend to and even for males flight is more of a slow flutter. This species is a great feeder and if given the chance can take more than one crickets in one siting, however we’d recommend about 2.

Feeding is simple, you can leave the cricket in the enclosure or alternatively, grasp the cricket by it’s leg with some tweezers and dangle it in front of the mantis (about 2 cm away) and if hungry the mantis will quickly attack it. Release the prey item after about 2 seconds. Wait for the mantis to finish feeding before offering 1-2 more crickets. Crickets should be about 1/4th the length of your mantid and the mantid should be fed about 3 times a week. Mist the enclosure daily for hydration. Overall these mantises are a great beginner species.

Adult length about 6cm

Optional kit includes:

  •  Mini Bug Box with Side Door (20x12x12)
  • Substrate, Climbing Twig, Fake plant
  • A misting bottle

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1 review for Green Garden Mantis (Orthodera ministralis)

  1. Barry Gibbs (verified owner)

    Arrived happy healthy and active, was quite ok with being handled into the new enclosure, spent a couple of hours exploring before settling in the upper canopy. let a small cricket loose a bit later and he quickly tracked it and devoured it with extreme gusto. great addition to my collection !!

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