Red-headed jumping spider leopard form (Maratus griseus) captive-bred juveniles

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Maratus griseus is found across Australia and common in homes and gardens. They make great beginner pets as they are relatively big and easy to care for.  They are hardy and are excellent eaters.

We recommend The Bug Box or Little Bug Box for an enclosure.

*Sold as unsexed juveniles*


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25 reviews for Red-headed jumping spider leopard form (Maratus griseus) captive-bred juveniles

  1. Michalina (verified owner)

    The jumpiest jumper I had so far! Such a sweet little character. Arrived safe and sound and very quickly! Thank you!

  2. Morgan Weatherley (verified owner)

  3. Ella (verified owner)

    Super duper cute! arrived healthy and happy, went straight to building a cosy web inside a flower 🙂

    Video #1 from Ella
  4. Anne-Maree R. (verified owner)

  5. Matthew (verified owner)

    Arrived full of beans and very safely packaged

  6. Shari (verified owner)

    My little Lilith arrived safe and jumping around, she’s finally having her first feed today and I noticed she has a demon skill on her booty 🥰

    Image #1 from Shari
  7. e-anne (verified owner)

    An awesome little spood. Very inquisitive and interactive. Super cute too.

    Image #1 from e-anne
  8. Melanie R. (verified owner)

    Arrived safely very active cute little one so happy

  9. Roxanne (verified owner)

    Arrived packaged very well. He started making a web and moulted soon after. Absolutely love!

  10. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous

  11. Liam H. (verified owner)

    beautiful little spider.
    arrived wonderfully and safe, as soon as it was put into its pen it went off to explore. loves to sunbake in the morning sun. seems very happy and fit right in. adorable little thing❤️

  12. Aidan Rojas (verified owner)

  13. Letisha (verified owner)

    Arrived very quickly. Much bigger than I expected for a juvie. Very lively. Super happy thank you

    Image #1 from Letisha
  14. Jaime O. (verified owner)

    Absolutely I’m love with my newest little baby! Thank you Bug Frenzy!!

  15. Jacqui B. (verified owner)

    arrived healthy and happy

  16. Sabrina (verified owner)

    back right leg is injured or shortened upon arrival but little guy is still kicking!

    Image #1 from Sabrina
    Image #2 from Sabrina
  17. Kristy M. (verified owner)

    Very happy cute little one

  18. Samantha McGuane (verified owner)

    Ordered Sunday and arrived Tuesday all the way to Qld! The kids have been asking for a puppy and logistically a puppy would be too hard right now. The kids and I love Pip, such a fascinating little creature and much less of a commitment for us! Thank you!

  19. Stefanie F. (verified owner)

    The parcel came on the day it was expected to, it was very well packaged and everything inside arrived safe. The little spider was immediately active and jumping around once warmed up after the cold parcel locker.

    Image #1 from Stefanie F.
  20. Blair Binder (verified owner)

  21. Lily Lancett (verified owner)

    Very active and very lovely

    Image #1 from Lily Lancett
  22. dani.98 (verified owner)

    Arrived quickly and safely! very cute and inquisitive. Very good service from Bug Frenzy

    Image #1 from dani.98
  23. Pascale Vannen (verified owner)

    Very active little one

    Image #1 from Pascale Vannen
  24. Nikayla (verified owner)

    Such a lil cutie!

  25. Ashlee M. (verified owner)

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