Fishing spider (Dolomedes instabilis)

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Fishing spiders that annihilate crickets!

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This impressively powerful spider is found around water bodies in the Barossa Valley of SA. They can be found in lakes, dams, streams and even pools where they feed on fish, frogs, tadpoles, aquatic insects and other insects.

In captivity they do very well in an enclosure with fairly moist coco peat and a fake plant for climbing on and will absolutely obliterate crickets.

They grow to a body length of 13-17mm


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1 review for Fishing spider (Dolomedes instabilis)

  1. frumpycat (verified owner)

    I received a juvenile male that shortly after moulted into an adult. He’s very a very chill but fast spider! Has the best feeding response out of all my collection

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