Arrowhead Wolf Spider (Lycosa australicola) slings

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With optional kit – great eaters!

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This species (actually a species group lumped under one name) is found throughout central Australia but can be found near Perth and Adelaide. Adults are mid-grey with a lighter median band on the cephalothorax and a distinctive, irregular black triangle on the upper surface of the abdomen.

They are easy to care for and should mature in a bit under a year. They will grow to 20mm in body length.

These are awesome eaters – often grabbing up to three crickets at a time.  They are currently feeding on large pinheads.

Optional kit includes:

  • Mini Clearview enclosure
  • White Beach sand
  • Scoria for BYO water bowl
  • fake plant

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1 review for Arrowhead Wolf Spider (Lycosa australicola) slings

  1. Christopher Horstman (verified owner)

    My spider arrived in Great timing healthy little critter and settled straight in even took a cricket instantly. would recommend these guys to anyone interested

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