Australian giant centipede (Ethmostimgus rubripes)



Mainland Australia’s largest centipede species.

Sydney green form.

Locality: central NSW

Species maximum size: 230mm

Locale maximum size: 160mm

Features: This locality displays mostly dark greenish colouration on the body with faintly banded tergites and orangey legs.The terminal legs are short and thick. While this locality does not attain lengths in excess of 160mm, they make up for it in a relatively calm temperament and robust build.

E. rubripes are hardy and do well on slightly moist coco-peat substrate in a sealed container. An enclosure must have a good, tight fitting lid and should be large enough to allow the centipede to fully stretch out. You may wish to prevent the centipede from burrowing, use shallow and compacted substrate.


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Large/adult (80-140mm, Medium-large juvenile (30-70mm)


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