Blue-eyed peacock spider (Maratus chlorophthalmus) female


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An interesting species – rather drab throughout it’s body and with long dense hair, it also lacks elongated, brushy 3rd pair of legs for dancing, but the eyes are very bright and vibrant green-blue. Some have argued that this species belongs in Jotus, rather than Maratus but some other people also believe Jotus and Maratus should be one, larger genus. Regardless, they are active and inquisitive spiders found in dry mallee regions in SA and WA, often quite high up on large bushes which is unusual as most other Maratus and Jotus are found close to the ground.

They are quite large for a Jotus or Maratus species, and the females are also quite nice with brighter colours such as reds and yellows and intricate patterns compared to females of other species.

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