Blue-green Leaf Insect (Tropidoderus childrenii) nymphs

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Tropidoderus childrenii is a widespread species of stick/leaf insect, found from South-east SA east along the coast to north of Brisbane, SEQ. Juveniles are moderately slender and juvenile males are often a beutiful powdery blue-green, females tend to be green, sometimes with pink-purple and orange areas on the body. Hatchlings are green with a yellow stripe down the centre of the body. Adult males are very slender and are often metallic yellow on the body with beautiful sparkling green and red areas around the wings. As females get older they develop flanges on the legs to assist in camouflage. They get full length wings and a wider body when mature which looks exactly like the leaf of a gum tree, not a stick. Females cannot fly (males can) but have blue areas on the inner wings which they flash to scare predators. This species feeds on Eucalyptus species and is medium-large, growing to about 13cm in length

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2 reviews for Blue-green Leaf Insect (Tropidoderus childrenii) nymphs

  1. Kira Arkhipova (verified owner)

    Very cute! It moulted in the box and lived

  2. Caroline K. (verified owner)

    Very healthy and happy insect !

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