Bronze pill millipede (Oniscomorpha)

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These are millipedes that can roll into a ball, like Armadillium isopods (commonly called Pill bugs or Rolly Pollies)

Like all millipedes, they feed on decomposing organic matter like soft pulp wood and fallen leaves.

These millipedes are about 3cm Lon when not in a ball and are from Northern QLD Rainforests.

Unlike many millipedes, these do not have a defensive odour, which makes them ideal for kids as they will not stink and stain hands.

About Millipede Mix:

This is a simple mix, with one of the ingredients being calcium carbonate, which helps attain a strong, colourful exoskeleton. It also contains other goodies like various vitamins and protein. To use, put a small quantity in a small, shallow dish and mix with a bit of water until it forms a paste. Leave in the enclosure , the millipedes will feed at night. This is suitable for all millipede species. Offer once or twice a fortnight. You can also offer a piece of cut fruit or vegetable along side it, pumpkin, carrot or fresh apple is sufficient.

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2 reviews for Bronze pill millipede (Oniscomorpha)

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    Brought a few things from you guys,everything has arrived healthy and well packed

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