Copper Pebble-mimicking Spider (Saitis sp. 3, beach colour form) Male

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This adorable and very pretty peacock spider found in sandy coastal dunes in SA. The red/copper form of this species is found in open, semi-arid Triodia (spinifex) grasslands in mallee habitat in SA. They are in season during the winter months, like most peacock spiders. They blend in very well with the sand they live on and are nearly invisible until they jump or move around, dancing and displaying using their fluffy leg brushes on leg III to females.

They are a lovely copper colour with swirls, spots and a light beige patch on the abdomen. The beach form is much lighter in colour, often white or light grey though with the same colour patterns as the desert form. Some beach individuals can have reddish colours especially on the legs and abdomen.

Care Tips:

This jumper will require sand to thrive.  They make a little sand bubble out of their silk that they like to spend most of their time in, sleeping.
Pinhead crickets no larger than the body size of the jumper is recommended for feeding. Although these fellows prefer little fruit flies, they will still eat tiny pinheads. The pinheads need to be true baby crickets as this spider is very small.  If you order our teeny crickets with this order, we will ensure that you get “True Pinheads”.  Else, please order a fruit fly culture.

Enclosure should have more floor space than wall space (horizontal) as these jumpers prefer to stay on the sand, and will rarely if ever climb to the top of the enclosure.  We recommend the Mini Bug Box with a “Beach Boy” Kit or the mini clear view enclosure with white sand, or the Little Bug Box with kit.


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1 review for Copper Pebble-mimicking Spider (Saitis sp. 3, beach colour form) Male

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