Fruit Fly Culture Cup Kit

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IT is important to keep your original fruit fly colony going by providing them with a new culture about 2-3 weeks after the first culture.

This little kit contains everything you’ll need to culture the next generation:

  • Culture Cup with Lid (ventilation holes present)
  • Instant Fruit Fly medium (contains brewers yeast)
  • 3mm Wood Wool
  • (Please note no live fruit flies are included)


Mix the Instant Fruit Fly medium with 5Tbs of warm water in a seperate bowl.  Mix thoroughly until the mixture is a consistency of a thick porridge.  Scoop the mixture into the bottom of the culture cup.

Place the wood wool inside the cup pushing it down so that there is no pieces sticking out about the rim of the cup.
Tap some of the fruit flies of your existing culture into the cup and seal it with the lid provided.

Write the date on the cup with a marker to remind you when the culture may expire.  Cultures are best at 3-4 weeks after re-culturing.

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4 reviews for Fruit Fly Culture Cup Kit

  1. Rachel Tapper (verified owner)

  2. Jessica (verified owner)

    Amazing to make sure your fruit flu culture is new and clean.

  3. Ekaterina (verified owner)

    Super convenient!

  4. Jaryd (verified owner)

    Great kit.

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