Giant Bronze Wishbone Spider (Proshermacha sp. 4) juveniles

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This is an undescribed species of Proshermacha found in SA’s Barossa Valley region, often by mossy embankments. Proshermacha burrows have an interesting shape, they are usually very short by Wishbone spider standards (10-20cm in total length) and consist of the burrow going horizontally just below the surface (from the silk covered entrance) for a short distance before sharply turning down for about 5-10cm and ending in a huge globular living chamber. This species grows to 50mm in length and 80mm in diagonal leg span. The body is covered in bronze metallic (Scintillating) hairs, the legs feature transparent brown patches on the inside. These spiders are very fast and defensive (angry) with long fangs. The venom is mild but the bites will be very painful.


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