Giant Heroic Orb Weaver (Backobourkia heroine)

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Beautiful Bumpy Orb Weavers

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This species of spider is found all throughout Australia, with Backobourkia in general being more common in drier areas, particularly grassland. This make the Barossa a perfect habitat for them.

Backobourkia heroine is a light brown colour with bands and spots of other colours on the abdomen, which is a bumpy/spiky shape. Their webs can be from 30cm to 4m depending on conditions and is usually built in tall shrubs or more commonly in long grass. Backobourkia comes from “Back of bourke” which is slang for the outback, leading to another common name: Outback Orb-weaver.

This species requires a large enclosure that permits web building, large pop-up mesh enclosures are ideal.


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