Giant Scrub Prowling Spider (Miturga sp. 4)


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These are our second largest species of Prowling spider, only just smaller than Miturga sp. 1. They are found in heath/scrub habitats (Hard white soil with a spiny, dense understory and canopy dominated by Acacia and Eucalyptus) around the Barossa valley, SA. They grow up to 30mm in length.

Prowling spiders construct thick webbing along suitable areas of the enclosure, they use these patches of webbing as vantage points. They are so named due to stalking their prey like a cat, moving carefully and ceasing movement when the prey does before taking the prey down with lightening speed. The enclosure should have pieces of bark stacked to near the lid to allow the spider to construct a sack “scaffold”. These spiders are mildly venomous and can climb smooth surfaces with lightning speed, however they are not aggresive.

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