Golden-Faced jumper (Sondra aurea) – Great beginner species

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This is the jumper that started it all! Yep, that’s right, our first ever jumper we sold was this species. These jumpers have a marbled pattern and are found under rocks and tree bark, on which they hunt. Sondra are calm and easily handled, making them a great beginner species.

Grows to 8mm in length.


Care Tips:

This jumper (if adult) should be fed x-small crickets – no bigger than the spider’s body size.

Enclosure should have lots of things to explore like bark hides and fake plants, as these jumpers are quite active.  We recommend the Mini Bug Box (horizontally or vertically – just specify your preference at checkout) or The Cube, with a “Jumper” Kit.


5 reviews for Golden-Faced jumper (Sondra aurea) – Great beginner species

  1. thebilliekid (verified owner)

    She’s a little cutie! Came packaged real safely & soundly. Gained a regular customer thank you!

  2. Nick (verified owner)

    Arrived missing 2 legs on one side but has no issues moving around and hunting. Very good at hiding and blending in with the bark, often cant find it.

  3. kristie g. (verified owner)

    He is really active and uses his whole enclosure. He is really good to watch

  4. Sara R. (verified owner)

    Beautiful little spooder. Likes to hide in his fake plants and on the bottom of the bark. 🥰

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    Image #1 from Sara R.
  5. Roxanne (verified owner)

    As in the description, this spider is very much calm. She can hop onto my hand and I’m not really worried about her bolting away (always just have to be careful with them). I’m happy she arrived safely and looks like she was fed very well! Absolutely adore her!

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