Lettered Peacock Spider (Maratus literatus)

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Adorable Literatus peacock spiders with optional kit!

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Maratus literatus is a medium-large sized species of peacock spider found in SA, usually in coastal areas. Males have a red, orange and blue abdomen with circular patterns and a red “M” or “W”  shape on the cephalothorax. Legs are grey with black banding/marmorations.

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4 reviews for Lettered Peacock Spider (Maratus literatus)

  1. chak.yan (verified owner)

    Gorgeous little peacock spider!
    Everything was packed perfectly, and even a gel pack was included in the packaging to make sure he arrived safely.
    He is quick, but also very tame, and is not afraid to jump on and spend some time with you.

    Nothing is better than watching him wave his little legs around while exploring!
    Thank you so much again bug frenzy, definitely my favourite seller, and highly recommend!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous & curious little boy! Always packaged safely and sent on time. My little dude is now feeing right at home 🙂

  3. ashleigh.danielson (verified owner)

    Our gorgeous little boy has arrived and explore his new home. Shipping was extremely quick, received mine within 24hrs after getting tracking number and everything was very well packed. Definitely will be purchasing from Bug Frenzy again.

  4. Sophie T. (verified owner)

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