Mottled Desert Huntsman (Isopedella cerussata)

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This medium sized huntsman species is found in arid and semi-arid SA, VIC and NSW where they are found on trees, often the largest or only in the area. Arid huntsmans seem to prefer She-Oaks (Casuarina spp.) and probably hide in the tree hollows during the day as they are often a few metres up the trunk and the bark of Casuarina isn’t exactly good for large spiders to hide under. This species grows to about 28-30mm in length.

*sold as juveniles*

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  • Pop-up mesh enclosure (30×30)
  • Spray bottle

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2 reviews for Mottled Desert Huntsman (Isopedella cerussata)

  1. Brett Collingwood (verified owner)

  2. Mark Allen (verified owner)

    Nice healthy spider

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