Murray River wolf spider (Venator sp. nov) Captive Bred Juveniles

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Baby wolf spiders!

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Murray River wolf spiders are an undescribed species of the genus Venator. They are probably found along the banks of the River Murray in all 3 states it runs through but thus far they have only been found in the SA portion. They are exclusively found within 15m of the river, often in leaf litter and fallen bark below the large River red gums that grow beside it.

They grow to 24mm in body length, making it one of the larger species.

Sold as unsexed juveniles – eating pinheads.

Optional Kit Includes:

  • Mini Clearview Enclosure (10x10x10cm), Substrate, Fake Plant


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2 reviews for Murray River wolf spider (Venator sp. nov) Captive Bred Juveniles

  1. jacob m. (verified owner)

    absolutely amazing, ate a pinhead cricket and then molted two days after!

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Arrived healthy and active, and has settled in well. A beautiful little spider!

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