Family of Opalescent Pendant Snails (Leptotoma perlucidum)

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5 x Snails

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These small snails are from Northern QLD.

Snails are herbivorous (except for a few predatory species) and love vegetables, they’re favourite vegetable is cucumber.

You can offer cuttle bone as a calcium supplement and give them soaked rolled oats once a week.

They need moist coco-peat substrate and enjoy bark hides. Offer food in a small dish, replace when all eaten or Mouldy/bad

An ideal all-round supplement is snail paste, coming soon!

Here are some fun facts about snails:

  • They can feel their shells and like being stroked, they can even fall asleep!
  • They sometimes wiggle their eyestalks when excited
  • They love exploring and will explore if you change a bit of the enclosure

You will receive 2 larger snails and 3 smaller ones.

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