Orange rock scorpion (Lychas sp. “truncatus”) *CB project*



Orange rock scorpions are an undescribed species of scorpion found in arid gibber area’s of SA.  They grow to around 50mm max, and feed on small moths, cockroaches and other small invertebrates. They are an orange colour and live under and around rocks, emerging at night to hunt. they may construct a very short burrow and seal it in the day if temps become too high. We are not sure how captive breeding will go, but other Buthids are fairly easy to breed, and have a short generation time (4-12 months from baby to adult and 3-4month gestation time) compared to other families of scorpions. assuming everything goes well they will be sold as 3rd,4th,5th instar juveniles, or mature. the price is an estimate only, feel free to email us about anything,


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