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Introducing the Tiny Home!

One of the biggest mistakes we see in Ant Keeping is moving your colony into a large nest too soon. This causes your ants to stress and their development slow or even stop.

Queen of Ants ‘Tiny Home’ nest, allows you to have your small colony in a great display nest, without stressing them out.

Features include:

  • Easy internal watering system
  • Plaster and sand nest surface. 3D printed nest area
  • Crystal clear, removable, magnetic glass nest cover
  • All in one plaster/sand outworld. Crystal clear acrylic for easy viewing
  • Red privacy shield
  • Ventilated lid
  • 3x expansion ports
  • Watering tower connected to outworld section (suits 15mm test tube, tube included)


This nest is ideal for smaller colonies (5-10 workers) as an alternative to a test tube set up. It is also great for larger sized founding queens. May not suit very tiny ants.

A few tips for moving your ants in:
Set up the tiny home first with water in the reservoir underneath and the watering tower as well. Test that the water tower is working by using a piece of tissue paper and placing it on the white sponge tip that sits inside the nest. The water should absorb into the tissue and tiny bubbles should be seen in the test tube as the water drains through. If this doesn’t happen, the sponge blocking the test tube may be too tight and needs to be loosened (cut a tiny bit off the roll).
Then place a few drops of Ant Juice in a small dish in the outworld of the nest for them to eat.
Once that is all working you can move the ants in. Best way is to use some blu tak and attach their current test tube to the expansion hole directly into the nest. Leave their current tube exposed to light, and make the tiny home nest nice and dark, then leave them to move in their own time (this could take weeks if they are comfortable where they are)

Approximate dimensions:

W45mm x D100mm x H60mm
Nest Chamber Depth 14mm

*Requires some simple assembly with small screw driver (not included)

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