Rainbow Tiger Beetle (Psuedotetracha australis) plus optional kit

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The fastest beetle on the ground!



Psuedotetracha is one of Australia’s largest Tiger beetle species and is predominantly found around salt lakes.

They are green and blue and in some lighting levels show a bit of yellow and orange too.

Tiger beetles are the fastest ground-dwelling insects and another species, Cincidela hudsoni, has been clocked at 2.5m per second, which is the human equivalent of running at roughly 360 kph.

They are predatory and use their massive jaws to dismember small insects and spiders.

Care: They will need a sandy substrate for burrowing, kept fairly moist with lots of running space.  They will need to be fed at least once a week a small cricket, no bigger than half the beetle’s body size and regular misting of the enclosure as well.

Housing: We recommend buying our new Tiger Den Kit or Mini Bug Box with side door kit.

The Tiger Den kit gives the most running space measuring at 25cm diameter with a 10cm height.  It comes with 1.5kg Sandy substate mix and 5 fake plants for decoration.
The Mini Bug box with side door kit includes sandy substrate mix with 4 fake plants (please use the enclosure horizontal to optimise running space for the beetle) (see pictures)

2 reviews for Rainbow Tiger Beetle (Psuedotetracha australis) plus optional kit

  1. Adam Eveleigh (verified owner)

    Amazing service …again. No complaints. What a fantastic business. Thank you

  2. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Really interesting beetles, watching them dig is amazing. The tiger arena enclosure is excellent for viewing, all in all really happy with what I received

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