Six-marked jumper (Opisthoncus sexmaculata)

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Blue legs and pretty spots

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These are medium-large jumpers found from southern QLD to northern NSW, where they are found on the foliage of plants or occasionally under the bark of trees. The species epithet “sexmaculata” roughly translates to “six spotted” and although it seems there are 8 black marks, it likely is referring to the small white marks in between the darker spots. Aside from this, adults have complex swirling patterns on the abdomen and black spots around the eyes on the head, aswell as translucent blue legs. Young juveniles are a pale yellow-brown with only faint markings on the abdomen and a slightly translucent cuticle, which means occasionally the inner workings of the eyes can be seen and inside their head you can see their “eye tubes” looking around! They don’t show this due to them not having pupils.

Opisthoncus, especially females are calm and friendly and one of the most “handleable” jumpers. However adults have large fangs (especially males) and would no doubt be able to penetrate thinner skin – however, they are friendly and unlikely to do so. The venom is mild.

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Adult–subadult, Juvenile

1 review for Six-marked jumper (Opisthoncus sexmaculata)

  1. Lisa Pritchard (verified owner)

    Looking forward to receiving this one. I’ve been so happy with the other spiders I’ve received from you, all 4 are doing well, thank you so much

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